Tuesday, October 14, 2008


3 entry for one day.

Hari ni kan ada tech baru.
So,after bkenal²an,trs la jadii mcm sua lama kenal.;-)
besala aku ni kn.PERAMAH.hee.

Yang bestnyaaa.
Dia ada byk muvee.
So,tadi aku layan crita "Apa Kata ♥"
Actually crita ni ada sua dtayangkn d astro hari tu.
Tapii aku x amik pot sgt coz bz.kn tyme rayaaa.
Rupanyaa best gilak la crita nie.Rugii plak klu you guys xtgk.


Elly is a young fashion designer who works at Boutique Karya Anggun. She is a very cheerful person who is a positive thinker and believes that to every sadness, happiness will soon come along. Thats her moto in love. On one fine day she is being given a gift dreamt by most women, the ability to hear what men thinks. She sees this as a curse when she hears more negative things rather than positive things. With her new found gift she also gets confused in choosing her soulmate. With all these mixed emotions she finally decides to follow her heart.

Will Elly be able to make the right choice by following her heart?

p/s : Aku dapat imagine kalau aku jd mcm si Elly nie.kan best.
we have the power to read men's thoughts!

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