Thursday, September 24, 2009

kad raya.

thnx enong for the card.

Eid 2009

yaa.slamat raya evribadiii.
i've been busy wit open-houses yg x brenti2.
small reunion wit ex classmates yg vogue2.yeahhh.such a gud2 tyme.
and a lil bit upset coz duwet raya yg sgt2 ciput.
yg pntng ada.hee.

itu jakla.
byk lg pic2,tgk d fb jak la.xlarat mw upload suma.

slamat raya.

Friday, September 11, 2009

busy bee.

sgt2 busy skrg ini.
quizzes..tests..and piles of assignments.
mybe this Raya pun tpksa bwt assgmnts.poor me.

td dpt result for Marketing's quiz. failed.serves me right ! poor dyan!!
ssh sgt ka mw membaca?
then..after that bru mw mnyesal.
xpa.still ada masa.
nasib baik our MKT's lecturer..Mr Franklin..sgt2 memahami and i really like the way he taught us.
He's very sng la utk kmi fhm.
to MR Franklin:
i will try my best for the next test.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

hurtly heart.

Tadi class jam 2 until 6pm.pnat gylak. First2 moodku okay pastu tba2 ada sumone yg ckp psl sumting yg bwt aku mcm... mcm apa ya?macamakundaktaujuakmwcakapapa. whattafish?!! sakitnya hatiku.mcm mw nangis jak tym 2.nsb baik thn2 jak.
klu x..nanges la juak aku on the spot.
sabar jak la.
i hate swings mood.

i hate friends for benefit.
if they're having a problem..then they will looking for us.
thats friends ka? all la yg dscribe.
ada ubi ada batas.


Last saturday we went to One Borneo.Our Marketing's lecturer MR FRANKLIN give us a kind of 'explore-race'game.We've to find a product based on the instruction that he gave us.The game was okay at first but after we cant find a product that same as he wanted to..all of us became tired except cressia yg ndak puasa.hee.We all xkisah sda sepa yg mnang or lose..pnat ba.we're fasting ba sir.After the game hbs..kmi pi shopping kjp.hee.mcm biasa la si dyan!

Another best part was when we noticed this Uncle yg pndi tulis2 kaligrafi tue..
I asked him to write my name and I only give him 5ringgit.
"klu student brapa2 jak la"dia ckp ngn kmi.

pastu hasilnya adalah *drum rolls*
cute kan?

Lastly trs gi MCD utk bli sungakaian.(bbuka).
Smpi uitm dkat jam 5.30 la gitu.

Itu seja story ku.pnt sda.
cant wait to blk to TWU for this raya.huhu.

p/s : thnx syg for the gettin older.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


too many things to do,but too little time.
*sigh* dizzy.enough said.

test marketing is on thursday.

assgnment micro satu pun blum bwt.
afraid on my acc test result.
poor me.
sudah bwt.bru nyesal.