Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last saturday we went to One Borneo.Our Marketing's lecturer MR FRANKLIN give us a kind of 'explore-race'game.We've to find a product based on the instruction that he gave us.The game was okay at first but after we cant find a product that same as he wanted to..all of us became tired except cressia yg ndak puasa.hee.We all xkisah sda sepa yg mnang or lose..pnat ba.we're fasting ba sir.After the game hbs..kmi pi shopping kjp.hee.mcm biasa la si dyan!

Another best part was when we noticed this Uncle yg pndi tulis2 kaligrafi tue..
I asked him to write my name and I only give him 5ringgit.
"klu student brapa2 jak la"dia ckp ngn kmi.

pastu hasilnya adalah *drum rolls*
cute kan?

Lastly trs gi MCD utk bli sungakaian.(bbuka).
Smpi uitm dkat jam 5.30 la gitu.

Itu seja story ku.pnt sda.
cant wait to blk to TWU for this raya.huhu.

p/s : thnx syg for the email.me gettin older.


LIEZ. said...

laawa lah 2lisan kaligrafi 2..
nk jgk!!

meyh cny uncle,
buat kn utk sy lak..
murah p0wn murah..

dyan said...

hehe.2la.yg bestnya uncle 2 peramah sgt2.pastu mcm pndi tinguk personality urg lg nie.hehe.