Friday, August 28, 2009


'Dyan is become lazier this semester.Why?Idk. She didnt do the assgnmnt.just copying from her friends.Why?Idk. She totally become the 'pemalas' one in her class.Why?Idk. She was tired and sleppless.Why?I dont even do anything. WAKE UP dyan! the time isnt chasing're the one must go on.'
yesss.mybe im just losing my focus.pufffff!!!!!

okay2.ignore that.just me.whispering to my own ears.
humm.just now i cudnt sleep.idk.its like..sumting was bothering me.heyyy.get out from my head!

actually yg aku mw ckp is xsdar kn masa blalu?puasa yg keberapa pn aku xtau.
pndai kn si dyan?hee.its ok la.yg pnting aku still puasa.

now.i've to move on.buang smua yg menyerabutkn kpalak hotakku.
coz makin dpikir,makin mnyusahkn.
so,xpyh pikir la.
what ever happens,the reason is always there.


LIEZ. said...

xm0 mls2 yee darl..
yeah,mase mmg cpt berlalu..
kitew jewk xpasan..

lps ny stdy rajin2 yee..

t a u f i k said...

jan bah malas2 dian.. ni la masanya kita study. pasni kerja sua. nda best mcm masa study ni. hee

dyan said...

rajin2 sda nie.