Saturday, November 6, 2010


i dont know how to describe this feeling.
i am confused.chewah. *intro punya main jiwang.*
actually, i am very stress now because exam is not finished yet.
heehoo. and i cant wait to be back to my hometown. Tawau. yeahhh !
cant wait to meet all my lovelies. families, besties ! okay okay.
The news shocked me again.
Aze Aztrinah, one of my BFF, will be engaged in this November.yayness !
Im happy for you ! hee. wahh.semua nak bertunang.haissh .jeles la.hahaha.
these pictures was taken when she started her job.i miss you aze !
and now, dia nak betunang dah. 

nah yang ni i amik dekat FB dia.sorry.selamat bertunang-an !

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