Sunday, April 3, 2011

quotes quotes

 i don’t mind when our conversations get a little boring. 
i don’t mind when we’re texting and we run out of things to say. 
when we’re hanging out together but not doing anything, well i don’t mind that either.
 it doesn’t matter to me because i finally realized that 
when you’re truly in love, every moment spent together doesn’t have to be breath-taking, 
that you’ll still feel like the luckiest person alive even through the most unexciting times, 
and you will feel completely comfortable together because
you know that just having each other is more than enough

p/s : the picture above -> currently addicted to him ( the vampire diaries). ngeh. 


.f.ezra talks crap. said...

oh hensem abg vamp diaries.. sma2 la kita addicted kan diri dgn abg vamp D..hahahah

dyan said...

owh iyaaa. sngt smexy kan fel?