Thursday, May 14, 2009

silly mistakes!

i had learned from the past.
i had learned the most valuable things in my life.
i had enough.
after been alone for a week,we've made a decision.
a good decision for both of us.we realized that we cant live without each other.
we knew that what we've now is the utmost important in our life.
LOVE.alhamdulillah.Almighty Allah give us strength to survives in this relationship.
we've been through a lot of things.
joy and happiness.
and even nearly with break-up.
just bcoz of a silly mistakes that happen once & twice.
hopefully it will never happen again.

to syg :

thanx for accepting me the way i am.
thanx for always be there for me.
i know im not the perfect one for you but i'll try all my best to be with you.
ILYSM sygg!

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