Saturday, March 6, 2010

mi-amor march.

helloww eberibadiii.its march sory for the lack of update,teehee.
kinda busy lately.meeting,presentations,quizzes,test.and plus a piles of assignments.
yeaaahh.sgt likeyyy.konon laa.
btw,those are the activities that i involved.
let the pictures do the blogging.

on 26 February.this was Penyerahan Watikah Rakan COP Hotel Grand Borneo, KK, Sabah.

and on that night jugak trs pi LKS or
Lembaga Kebudayaan Sabah regarding our HKB 225.
it was fun.after the event habis,we're dancing like nobody saw us.heh!
mcm jadi gigs sda.hehe.

video rakaman di bwh ni tym smua students UITM yg ambil HKB 225 yang
hilang pertimbangan and trs mnari agogo.
i told u already.majlis kbudayaan jadi gigs sda.

sorry for the poor quality video.hee.

and lastly, SUPERMITS 2010.

okla guys.thats all,
hve a safe weekend.

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