Friday, August 20, 2010

random quotes.heh

Dian Yunita, there's no better way.
Dian Yunita only. 
Think. feel. dian yunita.
dian what?
Dian yunita kicks ass. 
connect with Rahman.
i'd do anything for Rahman.
Rahman brings out the best.
Rahman.this is it.
when you said Rahman, you've said it all.

haha.funny rite?im bored actually.try this SLOGANIZER ! peeps.
And guess what? i found these at my old good old days.

 tyme di kehel.miss this moments.

  an earrings lover.


 paling first i edit.


 sunway pyramid

mukak innocent ini ialah tyme i keja dulu dulu.hehe.
then masok UiTM terus i pakai hijab.
Honestly,  i miss those moments.

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