Friday, January 7, 2011

im alive.

owh-emm-gee.hastaga ! its been an soryyy for the lack of updates.hee.
i'll update later with load of story.yeahh.okayy. me promise !
okay. actually im quite busy with this and that.sangat sangat busy tahap maximum exposure.
memang mau update blog, tapi memang tak dapek den nak nolongnye, hehe.
okay lah.see u soon.btw, 

happy new yearr everybody ! 

you all dah decide azam baru ke? hee.even dah masok January, i still nak heboh heboh pasal azam baru.lame u Dyan ! biarlah.Actually, me dah buat jugak. maciam biasalah.seperti tahun tahun yang lalunya.cause most of the aims weren't achieved yet.hahaha. poor Dyan !
so here there are : 

*drum rools*

1. wanna be a good servant for Allah Swt, a good daughter for Mem & Bliau, a good    girlfriend  for Sankai, a good aunt for my nieces and nephews, a good good friends for everybodyy !

2. Grade my diploma with flying colours. yeahh. this 2011.

3. Continue my degree.

4. Save MORE, shop LESS !

5. Try to do a "Monday & Thursday" sunnah fast.

6. Read more books. at least 1month 1new book. ;)

7. Recite Al Quran every week.

8. Smile always no matter what.

9. Dont judge a person with his/her appearances.

10. Exercise. yeahh. no matter where u are.

                                                                                                               Dian Yunita.

and last but not least, to all readers out there, hopefully you will have a better tomorrow !
bye ! ;)


bell @ shahril said...

nice... mcm nak la follow u azam dean

dyan said...

heee. follow la bell.