Friday, November 7, 2008

tagged from eyann

miss eyann tagging me.thnx darl.first tyme nie.

name : Dian Yunita M.
nick name : dyan & iyen.
age : 21 babe.
residency : tawau ku syg.
hp num : mw d ltak juak ka? 016***2047.ngeee.
first love : my sygggg.;-)
best buddies : the cippokers & the bff!
hobbies : shopping,online,hangout & shopping again.
ambition : thinking nw.
religion : muslim
height : idk.hehe.
weight : 40kg.(poor me)
date of birth : 2 March 1987.
place of birth : Tawau Hospital.
shoe size : 5.
shirt size : S, M.
jeans size : 25,26 : nasik ayam,pizza,kfc.
fav.drinks : milky tea & ice lemon tea
fav.singers : madonna,pink,katy perry & ziana zain
fav.songs : i kissed a girl, terima kasih chinta, & lucky. : 50 first dates! shows : desperate housewives,dec.conan.
my worries : idk.huhu.
my happiness : syggg & all of them that i loved.
fav.color : purpleee & white.
what do i need : i need a vacation!
who i miss : all my besties.
when i get married : soon.;-)
habits : boros!
good qualities : idk.huhu.
bad qualities : ask them.;-)
sweet memories : too many,
if ur bf cheats on you, what do you do : yippeeee.:D
can : hangout satu ari,smpi xingt pulang.
can't : cry infront of the crowd.
hate : painting & drawing.
like : taking picca,& did i mentioned shopping?
when someone make me cry : pretending to be hppy.;-)
when someone make me happy : hearts them.
when someone make me angry : just ignore 'em.
the most important thing in the world : my family.
if "crazy" human chat with me, what is the action : im acting crazily too :D
does anyone hurt you before : yaa.:-(
how : cant recall it.wuwuwu.
action : tears pour not strong babe.
afraid : Allah s.w.t
last words : Never frown,when you're sad bcause you never know
who is falling in love with your smile.


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