Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tagged by nabila sygs.(:


1. im thinking too muchh.thats my problem.

2. sumtymes im unpredictable.

im ambitious and determined but i can get lazy and unmotivated at times.

4. im spontaneous!

5. im curious about everything.yepp.

6. im paying no attention for those who talk behind me.

7. im creative and imaginative.hehe.

8. im not really like to eat durian.thats weird ka?;-)

9. sumtymes im really confident but other times im feel insecure.

10. im dyan.i enjoy being unique.haha.

to nabila: thnx dear.now, im tagging eyann, nana, cikEyda, haney, and nadnod !


CIK LOVeyann. ;) said...

dyan! diz tag suda jwb dulu. so i skip oke. hihi.
btw, there's new tag 4 u! check it out! ;p

ღ~n0n0i~ღ said...

haha..femez btol tag ni kan..
brp kali suda kena..hihihi ^^
hai dyan! salam kenal