Saturday, November 1, 2008

yayyy !

yayyyy! i had reserve this purple bag from OUR LITTLE ALMARI.
so cuteee.blum ada lg baa bag ku kaler purple.
thnx to nina.the owner of OLA. ;-)
andd to my friends out there.
try la online shopping nie.murahh lagii.


Miss Nadnod said...

cmne nk on9 shopping ;D

an.wardrobe said...

wah lain2 kali leh beli lunch purple from me..
mine, before this rm 28 not include delivery.
now rm 22 not include delivery.
sempat lg promote. keke

[ dyan dynamite ] said...

to -> an.wardrobe
yeke?hari tu dyan tak nmpak plak if u ade kaler purple.
xpe.nnti i tgk² lagi ek.;-)
really love purple,aftr saw it,trs i grabbed.hee.